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Hi, I’m Kathryn.

A little over a year ago, I started my second wedding business – Wedding Masterclass.

I was wild with excitement and enthusiasm after selling the business I founded and ran for almost 10 years – one that grew to service a global market of brides in Australia, the UK, the US and beyond.

I was ready to move forward with my new concept for the wedding industry.  Life was ripe with thrill and possibility.

But even having grown a 7 figure wedding business before, I was still filled with fear and overwhelm.   

You can read about some of my mistakes here so you can learn from these in your business… I don’t hold back.

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The ten steps to growing your profitable wedding business.

I had questions and doubts whirring through my mind on overdrive…

‘What if I’m totally off mark with my new idea?’

‘What if this doesn’t work out and I watch my dream expire?’

‘Can I ACTUALLY do this for the second time?’

So I hired my first coach – because if you’re anything like me, you’ll know – the power to achieve your dreams comes the moment you fully believe that you can do it.  And that ONE decision was a complete and total game-changer.

Because now?

  • Now, I’ve built a thriving business in the beautiful wedding industry for the SECOND TIME
  • I live a location-free lifestyle where all I need is a laptop and wifi and I get to take my business and clients with me where ever I go.
  • I’m able to work the hours that suit me – around my family – and pick and choose the clients, brides and businesses I want to work with
  • I’m able to invest in leading coaches and global masterminds and am giddy with excitement to be travelling to global wedding conferences and anywhere my heart desires…
  • I can afford a whip-smart team who support me to run and build my business, so that I can focus on being a savvy business leader.

I am 100% committed to giving back to the wedding industry – and helping wedding professionals create a rock solid game plan for their wedding business, a support structure to keep then accountable and a successful team to guide them through the overwhelm and guessing game into clarity, focus and clients.

We are talking about the difference between wasting time, money and energy figuring it all out on your own, and getting high-level guidance and accountability to take focused action steps, make monumental progress, and shift from wobbles and doubts to unshakeable confidence and commitment to your dream.

And that’s why I couldn’t more thrilled to be opening the doors to my flagship 12 week group coaching program, 12 Weeks to Your Best Season Ever!

12 Weeks to Your Best Season Ever is a 3-month business, mindset and coaching training program for brand new and established wedding professionals looking to create a profitable lifestyle business and really smash through their targets.

It’s an intimate mastermind for wedding planners, photographers, florists, make-up artists, wedding stylists… wedding professionals of every kind.  You receive high-level access to me, I’ll know your biz inside and out, and I’ll guide you through the action steps to create your thriving wedding business every step of the way.

In 12 Weeks to Your Best Season Ever, I focus on three key pillars to bring direction and profit to your wedding business:

+ Entrepreneurial Mindset Mastery
+ Business & Marketing Training
+ Transformational Brand-Building Skills

Because in my years of experience, I wholeheartedly believe that to truly thrive as a wedding professional, you need training in all three – and that you’re ALREADY a creative but it’s the other pieces of the puzzle we need to work on for you to truly create a profitable lifestyle business that sustains you.

So – I have a feeling you’re being called to take action and make this happen for you and I’m really looking forward to mentoring you over the next 3 months if you sign up NOW!

Kathryn xx

Hi, I'm Kathryn

I'm the CEO of Weddings Inc.  Join 1000s of wedding professionals and get access to my free library of videos, e-books, worksheets and more to help you grow your wedding business.

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