Dream Wedding Business: 10 Steps to a Profitable Wedding Business

The three magic words:

Overnight Success Story

As beautiful as they are, when you hear about them in people’s stories, they can also be daunting, overwhelming, and intimidating.

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering if you’re good enough as a wedding professional because you haven’t experienced this kind of success; made 6 figures in the same amount of months as others?  

Or maybe you’re scanning through wedding magazines and wedding blogs and wondering how they had their wedding featured, when your last wedding was just as beautiful and unique but picked up no coverage?

Maybe you’re still working in your corporate job and hustling to build your wedding business on the side but worried that perhaps you’ve just missed your chance…?

I hear these worries and fears from wedding professionals all the time….

Dream Wedding Business 101: How Do You Create a Profitable Wedding Business?

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The ten steps to growing your profitable wedding business.

But here’s the thing: all that actually matters is that you take action and become your own inspiration, no matter how long it takes.

And if you’re still comparing yourself to others, stop, you are unique and you have your own journey.

My journey to creating two successful wedding businesses has not happened overnight and it certainly has not been easy!

It happened because I let go of what I saw other people achieving, and focused on myself and my own life and business. That’s why today, in my business, my life is unrecognisable in the most incredible way…

I’m now working when I want, with the clients I want and creating the kind of freedom I have been dreaming about for years.  But it came with years of hard slog and learning the hard way.

When you stay in your own lane, and focus on YOU, this kind of magic is totally possible. And I don’t want you to learn the hard way – I want to pass on the magic of the easy way by learning from my mistakes!

Lesson 1: Your Ideal Client – Who Are You Selling to?

The first step to growth in any business is to understand your target market. And for a wedding business, this is no different.

Start by defining your ideal client – create what is known as an Avatar that clearly defined who you are targeting with your wedding business. Describe things like their budget, their location, what problems you are solving for them and how you will make them feel.

Lesson 2: Branding – Determine Who You Are to Your Ideal Client

Once you have defined your ideal client, now it’s time to be very clear about who you are to them. This is all about branding and positioning yourself to your target market.

For example, are you targeting the luxury market? If so, your branding and positioning will look and feel quite different to a wedding business that targets brides on a budget.

Lesson 3: Your Offer – Get Clear About Your Product & Service Mix

Next, you need to nail the products and services you offer and clearly lay them out for your target market in an easy to digest manner. Most successful businesses work on a 3 tier package program from budget through to full service. If you’re stuck, start with this as a guide – Budget, Mid-Tier and Full-Service, with the appropriate amount of servicing at each level.

Lesson 4: Pricing – How Much Should You Charge?

Once you’re clear about what you’re offering, now it’s time to determine the right price. My advice is not to worry about what your competitors are charging – and work out what your services are REALLY worth and what you FEEL comfortable setting your prices at. In many cases, it is actually EASIER to sell a higher priced item than a lower priced item.

So, don’t be intimidated by playing around with your pricing tiers and charging what you know to be your worth.

Lesson 5: Credibility – Become an Authority in Your Space

Now it’s time to become an authority in your space. That means growing your networks by getting out and leveraging your relationships with other vendors. That means finding media opportunities. That means becoming an expert in your field by guest blogging, being interviewed on podcasts and being a guest editor in Facebook groups and blogs. It’s time for you to become the thought leader in your space for your target market.

Lesson 6: Your Platform

Your website is EVERYTHING. No matter where you are based and what demographic your target couples belong to, they will be looking at your website to see who you are.

Set the scene to amp up your sales and bookings with a website that is perfectly attuned to your brand, positioning and speaks to your target market. You need strong messaging, calls to action and pages that explain your offer and how to contact you for more information.

Back it up with strong social media, and you have the perfect platform.


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Lesson 7: Grow Your Business Like a Boss – Marketing for Wedding Businesses

You’ve got a platform and you’re growing your authority. You have a clear offer and strong pricing.

Ok, now it’s time to market.

Digital marketing using Facebook targeting is PERFECT for wedding businesses – local and global. Leverage the power of just a few dollars a day and push your target audience to your website – setting off your automation! Perfect.

Lesson 8: Sales – Yes, We ALL Have to Sell in Our Wedding Businesses

For creative types, closing sales is hard work and takes you out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t come naturally, which is why you have to skill up and learn how to sell without the sleaze.

If you have implemented all of the previous steps effectively, you’ll have to do a lot less selling… because your market will already partially “sold” on your products or services.

The trick to sales is to listen, engage, ask for the sale and if the initial answer isn’t a yes, then keep at it because most sales come waaaay down the line. Not on attempt one.

Using marketing automation to follow up your opportunities and keep them engaged through the sales process really helps remove a lot of the “icky” out of sales.

Lesson 9: Customer Experience

The old adage that service companies need to under promise and over deliver is one we should all use in our wedding businesses.

Because if you provide such a stunning customer experience that your couples cannot wait to tell everyone about you and how brilliant you are – then the work of growth becomes so much less.

Don’t be afraid to ask your previous customers for testimonials and display them prominently on your website and in your marketing.

Lesson 10: Remove Your Success Blocks & Truly Believe In Yourself

To become truly successful, you must have a mindset that is open and willing to bring in that success.

Many of us have to do some work to remove money and success blocks before we can truly live the life of our entrepreneurial dreams.

Learn about manifesting and positivity – wealth, success and be open to the growth you can achieve. You CAN do this! It’s time for you to get out of your own way!

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Love and wedding planning bliss

Kathryn xx

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