Wedding Business Growth: Automation & Outsourcing Growth Hacks to Try Today

That feeling of frustration, burnout and overwhelm is normal in the life of an entrepreneur.

Are you trying to be the “chief, cook and bottle washer” right now in your business? And failing miserably because you’re not finishing anything properly?

For years I thought it was expected of me to be running around like a headless chicken running marketing campaigns, speaking with clients, paying the bills, answering emails and social media enquiries all through the night as well as guiding the business and strategically aligning staff to the vision.

I was overwhelmed and stressed. I wasn’t finishing anything properly and the business was suffering because I simply didn’t have enough time in the day.

Simply, the business was running me, not the other way around.

When I hired my first business coach, she was astounded that I had put myself in this position. Here I was with a multi 7-figure business trying still to be everything to everyone, and never having time to focus on the most important functions of a CEO.

So, we quickly implemented strategies to automate processes that didn’t need my intervention, remove me from the daily grind of tasks that (frankly) I could hire someone much more skilled at than me to complete, and realign my focus on strategy, content development and growth.

My world changed.

And, I have never looked back.  That’s the true secret to Wedding Business Growth.

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No matter what stage of your business you’re in right now… just starting out or at 7 figures… automation is needed for you to stay sane and scale your business to new heights.

Automation and outsourcing will also give you freedom.

And, it will probably make you more profitable, because suddenly you have the best people working to their strengths and you can focus on vision and strategy – which ultimately is where your growth comes from.

Want to know how to automate and outsource? Ok, here we go!

How to Automate Your Wedding Business Growth

There are dozens of options for automating every aspect of your small business. As you grow, you’ll find new and better tools to make everything run more smoothly. For now, though, implementing these four ideas alone will save you hours of time every month.

So, what can you automate? Almost everything, but start with:

Calendar Management

Using a calendar management system to run your bookings will be the most freeing of exercises for a wedding professional. Rather than endless back-and-forth emails trying to find a mutually available time slot, simply send your calendar link and let your client, project manager, JV partner or anyone else choose a time that works for them. Your appointment will automatically appear on your calendar, and you’ll even get reminders (if your calendar supports that).

Paid Traffic to Your Website

Chasing organic traffic is an exercise in frustration. You’ll spend all your time creating content for your blog, other people’s blogs, YouTube, social media, and other web properties. All that content creation leaves you little time to actually work with the clients you’re trying to attract.

Instead, invest in some quality paid traffic, and get off the endless content creation train. You’ll be glad you did.

Email Funnels

What happens when a new subscriber joins your mailing list or someone buys a product? Do they just sit in waiting on your list until you have time to send an email?

While broadcast emails have their place—especially in time-sensitive promotions—be sure to also set up an autoresponder series to:

  • Welcome new subscribers and help them find their way around your site (and your offers)
  • Nurture buyers so they know they’re in the right place
  • Make additional offers based on what someone has already purchased or shown an interest in

And the best thing? Once your autoresponder is set up, it will continue to work even when you’re not.

Social Media Management

Yes, it’s important to be personable and engaging on social media. But that doesn’t mean you have to log in to Facebook just to post a link to your latest blog or YouTube video. Automate that kind of update and save yourself hours of time each and every month. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about missing an update, either!

I love Buffer to help me get my social media messaging sorted. Each week, I sit down and plan out the week’s posts and then load them up to the scheduler and it automatically sends them out for me. Voila! It’s magic for your wedding business growth – and your sanity!

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Systems and Workflows

Can you automate everything? No. But you can implement this same level of efficiency and consistency by creating systems and workflows.

Document Everything

What would happen if your project manager or executive VA were no longer able to work? Could you easily (and quickly) train someone else to take over? For too many wedding business owners, the answer to that question is a definitive NO.

When all the instructions for completing a task reside only in one person’s head, you’ve set yourself up for catastrophe. Sure, in the event that someone becomes ill or wins the lottery, you would probably recover, but how long would that take?

Rather than risk struggling with logins and procedures, make it a point to document every task in your business, from how you manage your email to exactly where a wedding project is placed. That way, if your best VA decides to elope with her Prince Charming, another team member can step in and cover for her.

Seek Out More Efficient Systems

Just because grandma always kneaded her bread by hand doesn’t mean that’s still the best way to do things today. Now that new stand mixer takes all the work out of bread making, while still keeping the flavor in.

Where can you make your business more efficient, while still keeping the personality and brand your clients love and trust?


  • A hosted help desk solution with “canned responses” to the most common questions. Click a button and answer in seconds instead of typing out a 3-paragraph response.
  • Document templates ensure everything is formatted in a way that matches your brand, and will save you hours on every worksheet, resource guide, and even sales pages and blog posts.
  • Duplicate your repeatable projects inside your project management system, change the dates and key details, and instead of spending 30 minutes assigning tasks to your team, you’ll spend 30 seconds.

It might also be time to upgrade your tools, if what you’re using is no longer as efficient as it could be. For example, if your autoresponder can’t move customers from one email funnel to another based on their behavior, you’re missing out on sales. Consider upgrading to Active Campaign, Ontraport or even Infusionsoft to make your sales process more automated.

Take a look at your business and the tasks you and your team perform every day. Where can you be more efficient? What tools would help you maximize your time? Making changes in these areas will add hours to your day, and greatly reduce your overwhelm and stress levels as well – as well as promoting your wedding business growth.


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How to Build a Team of “A” Players for Your Wedding Business Growth

No matter how much of a dynamo you are – and I know you’re an amazing super-hero – you simply cannot do it at all and get the growth you desire from your business.

What’s also important to remember is that while you’re an expert at weddings and probably the best person to speak about your products and be at the heart of your marketing and sales, you probably can hire people to do the other tasks for you much better than you can.

Wouldn’t it be great to get on with the things you love and have someone else carefully take care of the things you secretly despise?

This is where outsourcing comes in. And, although I love having a team of staff to help share the journey with me, I’m a massive advocate for using freelancers and virtual assistants to help you grow.

The reason? They’re usually great at what they do, and love being busy. They’re usually super-efficient and deeply skilled at their craft. And because they’re running their own businesses too, they’re focused on giving you the best support they can. Because if they do it well, you’ll come back to them over and over and over again.

It’s win-win.


The problem is, building that team brings its own stress.

How can you know who to trust? Where will you find the time to train? What if you can’t afford to outsource?

These and other questions are what prevent entrepreneurs just like you from turning a good business idea into a 6- or even 7-figure empire. Here’s what to do about it.

Know Your Personal Work Style & Preferences

Not everyone works in a similar style. Some people love to touch base by phone, while others prefer email. Some people require lots of direction and step-by-step guidance, others work better when they can figure it out on their own.

No way is right or wrong, but if you’re a phone person and you hire an email lover, there’s going to be conflict.

Look for team members and outsourced VA’s or freelancers who are a fit with your preferred work style, and you’ll be much happier with the end result.

Commit to the Effort

Hiring a team takes time. Not only do you have to spend time looking for the right person, interviewing several candidates, and onboarding your final choice, but you also have to train your new team member.

Remember, no matter how skilled she might be, she’s never worked in your business, so there will be a learning curve. Encourage her to ask questions, and take the time to answer carefully. Expect mistakes—at least in the beginning—and build enough time in your schedule to allow for fixing them.

The effort and time you put in up front is well worth it when you have a team you can count on.

Don’t Be Afraid to Cut Ties

Not everyone you hire will be a good fit. As a business owner, it’s up to you to do the right thing for your business growth (and your own stress levels) and sometimes that means moving on from a relationship that’s not working.

Remember, it’s business, not personal. Sometimes even the best-looking freelancer or applicant turns out to be all wrong, and that’s okay. Take what you’ve learned from the experience, and use that knowledge for the next hire.

Finally, start small.

While you might dream of working two hours per day and taking entire summers off, it’s unrealistic to think you can go from 12-hour days to stress free entrepreneurship in a few short weeks.

Start by hiring one person to take on the tasks you most dislike, then slowly grow your team and their responsibilities. Eventually, you’ll be left with only the work you truly want to do (and that you enjoy) and your business will run even more smoothly – heading towards massive wedding business growth – this is your time, and you can do this!

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Love and wedding planning bliss,

Kathryn xx

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