Wedding Business Websites: A List Of Dos and Don’ts We Insist You Read

How’s your wedding business website?  Looking glam?  Does it truly meet your brand and tell your dream clients what you’re all about?

I’ve been researching wedding business websites for a few months now on my endeavor to help wedding pros get to six and seven figures and I have to say there’s a BIG difference between those doing it well and those doing it poorly.


Our free 19 page cheat sheet shows you everything you need to know to design and plan your perfect wedding business website.

My pet peeves (I hope your website doesn’t tick any of these boxes…. and if it does, stay tuned!  I have some wisdom to share)…

  • Music…. aaagh please quit the music on your wedding website.  Brides spend hours at all times of the day and night looking at wedding websites so don’t make them bounce off your website instantly (at work, in bed, on the train) because there’s a sudden burst of noise!
  • No contact details…. come on now please wedding pros!  You’re trying to book more brides and you don’t have your contact details on your website?  This should be NUMERO UNO!
  • Cutesy names for the standard menu items…. using “Get to Know Us” or “Let’s Chat” instead of About Us and Contact Us…. I know you’re creative, but you want to be super clear with your navigation so brides can make their way around your website.
  • No clear branding…. who are you?  What niche do you specialize in?  What area do you service?  This is SOOOO important – make your brand, positioning and what you do so clear that brides cannot possibly miss it!
  • You have a Squarespace Favicon (the little icon that sits in the tab in your browser), you haven’t removed the dummy social media tabs (so brides click them and go to Wix) and you still have the dummy text in some places on your website.

None of these are a MAJOR crime… I know.  BUT, your website is the face of your brand.  Your wedding business website is the space that your target market (i.e. brides, clients) will visit to get to know you and understand your work BEFORE they pick up the phone and make an appointment to call you.

So, have you committed any of these crimes?

If you have, I reckon it’s a pretty clear indication of why you’re not performing as well as you possibly could in your wedding business.

Now, I’m not here to tell you that you MUST spent thousands of dollars on a wedding business website that is professional designed and branded, but I do INSIST that if you’re serious about growing your wedding business that you take the time to create a website that sells you to the very best of your ability.


Our free 19 page cheat sheet shows you everything you need to know to design and plan your perfect wedding business website.

Want a Wedding Website That Sells?  (You Can Achieve This DIY If You Like) – Here are the Steps

I seriously believe that you can create a gorgeous website without a professional website designer yourself, with the right tools and some creative flair.  I would recommend that you invest the following at these stages of your business:

Start-Up – Just Launching Your Wedding Business

You’ll need to invest at least a weekend, and around $200 – $500 to create a lovely DIY wedding website.  Whilst there are some good platforms out there like Wix and Squarespace that are easy to use, these won’t scale for you.  Start as you mean to finish and create a WordPress website – you’ll find everything you need in our Course on building a wedding business website.

With WordPress, you get a great engine that performs as a blog, business website and had LOADS of add ons when you’re ready, such as an online shop, courses platform and portfolios.  Choose a neat theme like Divi and you’re on your way with the help of some friends (jump on our course to learn how!)

Ready to Scale – Growing Your Wedding Business

If you’re starting to see some real growth in your wedding business and you’re ready to invest in a more professional website that showcases your creativity and acts as an additional sales person for your team, now it’s time to spend a little on a professionally designed wedding website.  At this point, I recommend you invest around $2k – $5k on a professional website that will be the CHIEF MARKETING PLATFORM for your wedding business.

Again, insist it’s built on WordPress and look for a wedding website designer who has consistently created beautiful looking websites that perform really well.

You also want to invest in marketing automation at this point, so connect with an auto-responder like ActiveCampaign and you’ll be on fire!

Amp It Up! The Sky Is The Limit!

If you have a little more money to spend at the earlier stages of your wedding business or you’ve scaled your business and you’re ready for domination, then it’s time to get really serious about branding and web design.  This is when you need to invest in your story, positioning, branding, colors, style and platform.  You want a high performing wedding website that is an extension of your wedding business, doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you with connected marketing automation, passive income producing native content (if you wish) and lots of options for selling on your website (whether that be with dropshipping, your own online store, selling courses, seminars or taking bookings on your website).

We’re getting more serious here and you’re looking at an investment of $5k – $20k depending on how much work you want to do.

But this is amp up time, and it’s really time to let your website soar.  I’ve seen plenty of reasonably large wedding businesses have a website that didn’t include this level of investment, but my opinion is that if you’re now ready for serious growth, it’s time for a serious platform to support you, so you can really concentrate on the things you love, exploring your creativity and creating your own profitable lifestyle business.  And, that’s worth investing in.

Remember that Your Website Is Your Best Sales Tool

Whatever you do, remember that your website is your best sales tool.  It says everything about you and your business and as busy brides and grooms begin their wedding research, they will be landing on your website to see who you are and what your work is like.  If your website is clean, easy to navigate and beautifully branded to suit exactly your style of wedding service or products – then you have the perfect platform to book more clients!

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Loads of Wedding Planning Love,

Kathryn xx

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